Woman World: the hilarious man-free apocalypse we've all been waiting for

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Woman World started life as a webcomic created by Canadian cartoonist Aminder Dhaliwal to explore the premise of a world where “men have gone extinct” and women have to “learn to talk again because they’re not being interrupted” – what could have been a one-panel joke turned into one of the most remarkable, funny, compassionate, ascerbic, hilarious comics of its day, and that day is now, because today is the day you can get Woman World, a book from Drawn & Quarterly collecting the comic so far.


one complaint…not with the strip itself which is great…the site. Please Aminder Dhaliwal, put a link to the first strip and allow some sequential order. I know it is not entirely serialized, but there is some level of continuity and it is confusing when you don’t know who is who or what the back story was to a particular issue.


That’s a huge problem with Tumblr comics in general. I’m sure there is some reason it is done this way, buy I don’t know it.


Narrative continuity is a fascist tool of the patriarchy.


Yeah, many a web comic has this issue.

And to be honest, the site could just add a “Who’s Who” or “The story so far…” and give some additional info beyond the one liner in the about section.

Buried under the Tumblr buttons is a link to a different site where viewing the comic in order is easier:


Thank you, but for some reason when I follow that link it goes to “page 1” and starts with #64.

Here’s a modified link to the first comic. At least I think it’s the first comic…


Apocalypse, Utopia.
Tomato, tomahto.

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