Women competitors must wear hijabs at chess world championship, oddly awarded to Iran


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Then you’d need someone to be your male relative minder…since, as a burka wearer, you aren’t allowed out of your house otherwise.



Do gay players have to be straight when they show up as well?


Fucking hell. Where’s next, North Korea?

This seems to have fallen from public consciousness much faster than it should have:


Is the very idea of a male wearing a burka or hijab offensive?

And if so is it expressly forbidden?


To whom?


Queen takes Knight, checkmate.


I don’t know about cross-dressing, but surprisingly, at least to someone used to western logic, Iran is one of the most transgender friendly countries in the world. At least on paper where the state will pay for sex reassignment surgery. In day to day life, they’ve got the same problems most countries do. And they aren’t gay friendly either.


They have what may be the national woman’s soccer team with the most trans women.

But, to my mind, not out of any benevolence towards ciswomen or trans people


Iran: “I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine.”


No, they just have to get a sex-change first.

If you’re gay they’ll behead you. But they’re cool if you choose to be a straight lady instead.

Because Iranian mullahs are highly confused about their own sexuality, so how could they figure out anyone else’s?


I still remember singing “Bomb Bomb Bomb – Bomb Bomb Iran” to the tune of “Barbara Ann” circa 1979 when I was 8 +/- a year.


This is all because FIDE are almost as corrupt and self serving as FIFA. The only difference is that there is less money in chess than in football.

The organisation was dominated by a central Asian dictator for a while,so dropping a tournament into a repressive country is nothing new.

I hope that the boycott goes ahead, just to show that what goes on inside the players’ heads is far more important than what goes on top of their heads, and that free people do not submit to fundamentalist dress codes.


The only reason Iran’s government is so trans friendly is because they think mutilating men’s genitals on pain of beheading will cure them of being gay.


Forcing cis people to have GRS (the alternative is death) is not trans friendly.


Her first name, Nazi, is a Georgian name and is not uncommon there. It is pronounced, she explains, “nah-zee”. It means “delicate” or “tender”. She was named after her grandmother.

Wow, that’s tough luck on how her name “translates” to English versus how it actually translates.


And, once they are classified as women, they automatically second class citizens under Iran’s Islamic law, so, discrimination complete.


They should hold it in Bangkok. Again.


It’s okay for them to tell women to wear a hijab when they’re in the UK and you want to defend that right but not when they’re in Iran, eh? Bet your heads would explode if you tried to think through the way you actually feel about these things. So much confliction!


There is no conflict unless you view the world as black and white. There is a difference between being forced to wear a hijab, and people wanting to wear one. It is no different than Mennonite or Amish dressing guidelines. Many Catholic churches in Europe require shoulders to be covered and hats off, though that is different than enforcing a religious dress code at a non-religious event.