Women talk about judging people's laundry, the art of hanging clothes, and chores, in vintage 'Clotheslines' documentary

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I have a quibble about calling something from 1981 ‘vintage’, but you can stay on my lawn if you don’t trash it.


I prefer “Classic” over “Vintage”



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Laundry is a battlefield.


I watched the whole 30 minutes, the laundry part is interesting but for me it’s another time machine looking at the surroundings from what appears to be the 70s.

My one grandma had a ringer machine for a lot of my childhood, my other grandma had a more traditional washing machine. They both had dryers but didn’t use them because of the expense so I have memories of hanging out and bringing in the wash.

When our daughter was born someone got us a diaper service, that was great but after it ended disposable diapers were a luxury for visiting or day care so we continued to use cloth diapers. We hung those out on the line when the weather was nice.

We lived with my mother in law for a couple years a long time ago, she hated it when I did the wash and tossed the kitchen towels in with all the clothes including underwear. Fun times.

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I used to run estate sales and informed folks on the difference between vintage, antique, and retro all the time.

Some people say that it’s not vintage unless it’s 40 years old though. But the majority say 20 :person_shrugging:


Well, we hang up our clothes. Sometimes we use the clothes dryer when the weather is damp. Having the clothes line under the pergola roof is useful if you know the next day will be dry so the clothes can stay out there for a day and a half until they are properly dry. Summers are dry here so we use the spinny-thing clothes line that time of the year.

Also, when one side of the plastic clothes peg cracks, I replace it with the intact half of another clothes peg. Of course, I do NOT match the colours; to wit:




Just for the record, what I heard in the trailer wasn’t “black flowers” but “black bras

(Black flowers would be cool, though. Maybe we should start hanging odd things interspersed with our clothing items…see if we could start a viral trend…)


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