Wonderful article about dogs

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You’re trying to make me cry already? This early into the New Year?


Yeah, nope, gonna pass on that one right now. Got a sprightly 9 yo dog right now, don’t want to think about her passing.

In college I wrote a poem about when my first dog died and the professor thought it was about my grandmother or something. When I told him it was about a dog he said something about it being unearned. Some people just don’t get it.


What an asshole.


Gaaahhhhh. So true.

Still not over the loss of my Echo.
Auuugghhh (crying again).

The thing that occurred to me to the most profound effect regarding such a companion (be it a dog or a cat) is that we, as their caretakers wind up being the only witness to their existence in this universe. Whether a gift, or a responsibility, or an incomprehensible honor, I find it awe inspiring.


We’re unlikely to get dogs any time soon, due to housing situation restrictions. But I’ve grown an increasing soft spot for these creatures over the years.

Every now and then though, interacting with dogs or reading about them, my wife or I will say to each other, “What did we (humans) do to deserve dogs?”


To say that humans basically engineered our furry companions is a bit too self-congratulatory. They did not need us, we needed them.

Unrelated but related:


Yup. I’ve heard a bunch about this. The Science magazine podcast has occasional segments on dog domestication background. I guess it’s a topic that folks are fairly interested in researching. Makes sense.


Can’t read it because of the NYT firewall


Wow, that story just makes me cherish my kitties all the more. I have been through several cats in my life. I was raised in a dog family, my dad hated cats. We were not allowed to have one. When I got married, my wife, now my ex, was a cat person. Although I love dogs and many of my friends have dogs, I have been a cat person ever since. After my divorce, I got the kids. When they grew up and away all I had was my cats. Over time, one by one, the kitties that were a part of my human family passed away. It was not until two years after my little gray female tabby, Katrina, had passed that I adopted 2, 6 month old kitties from the local shelter. The all black kitty I named Sunlight and the black and white kitty I named Shadow. They are both females just over 6 years old now. Maybe it is because I live alone with no urging to find a human partner, maybe it’s because my two sons are no longer in my day to day life, but I tell you I love these two kitties as much now as I ever loved my two sons or anybody else in my life. Some folks just will never understand. They are my life and just reading this story makes me love them more. I am at work at the moment and I’ll have to read it again when I get home and have a good cry. Sometime we all need a good cry.


Dogs are distilled love.

They change you. For the better but they do change you during their short lives.


What works for me is to clear my browsing history, including cookies of course.

Also, find the article by a google search (of headline) and click on that link. And try different browsers - some sites allow X articles per month, but you get X more in another browser (or another computer or device).

A new movie about wolf domestication is coming in 2018


Reminds me of a wonderful movie about a dog:

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Old snoopydoo is now over 15 yo it has taken 6 years but he is now definitely my dog and I am definitely his human how wonderful to have this relationship in my old life I like the good feelings i get from this conversation thanks everyone