Wood and metal swing arm desk lamp


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Luxo Jr.!


i guess it’s great that you like the look of it, but do you have any firsthand experience with it? is it stable? does it stay where you put it? bright? etc? worst review ever.


It’s Amazon affiliate links all the way down.


That lamp looks like something a Maker put together when the springs on the all-metal lamp arm gave out, and probably cost a grand total of $6 to repurpose from the original swing-arm lamp.


“This item does not ship to Canada.”

This did not surprise me all that much, as almost NOTHING in the Boing Boing Store seems to be able to ship to Canada for some strange reason.

Seriously people, it’s 2016. UPS, DHL, FEDEX, and USPS are all capable of delivering items here. Why is it that none of the BB Affiliates have been able to figure out how?


Just a note that in order to get the discount you have to purchase something else:

Special Offers and Product Promotions
Color: Black
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That Promo Code “Z59QY7OB” doesn’t work. Amazon says it’s invalid.


And what does that have to do with a Pixar animation from 1986?


‘Electrostrictive elastic sale’ doesn’t get me the top results I wanted either. I was looking for the springs as you might expect, …
Do you want to do the Python skit ‘Abuse Department’ here? Oh.
[Pan to: Halogen lamp spaces out thinking of GITS:SAC Movie backhoe scenes.]


Still haven’t figured out you replied to the wrong person, or just trying to cover your mistake with gibberish?


I’m 97% sure @Flossaluzitarin is a bot.


That other selfdom was replying wrong, this is -now-. (But with more pan/fades to inanimate objects, plus animated films with Luxo Jr. references.) Yes, it should have been cited as ‘Ghost In The Shell: Arise - Border 1’ or http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=15096


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