Work to begin on 180-mile "Nicaragua Canal" to rival Panama

There is actually a major expansion plan underway for the Panama Canal. Keep in mind that this is an expansion, and it’s still expected to cost at least USD5.25Bn.

IIRC there was a pretty shambolic attempt by Scotland to establish a trading colony in Central America that almost bankrupted the entire country, too.

This is the last decade? What do you know and how do you know it? Will it end with The Rapture? Super Nova? Interstellar Thoroughfare?

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Time to think BIG again… BIG Bada Boom!
Revive Operation Plowshare:

Proposed uses for nuclear explosives under Project Plowshare included widening the Panama Canal, constructing a new sea-level waterway through Nicaragua nicknamed the Pan-Atomic Canal, cutting paths through mountainous areas for highways, and connecting inland river systems.
What could be cooler than traveling via the Pan-Atomic Canal?

Supertrain, that’s what!

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Plus that version doesn’t work backwards.

What about: “A Dan. A Clan. A Canal. CANADA.”

(Admittedly, that’s gonna be a hell of a dig.)


Just go by land.



I’m not sure if your english language skills are lacking or mine.

Two examples of the usage last (=past) decade:

Pffft, you could expand three Panama Canals with one WhatsApp. The insanity of what I just wrote… damn. But it’s true.


There will be cost overruns that probably make it closer to a 2:1 swap, but yeah, your point still stands. A new transoceanic canal will almost certainly make more money over its lifetime than yet another instant messaging application.

Go to it. Build away if it can be profitable, though I notice that most, perhaps including yourself, don’t think it will be profitable. Those other environmental and cultural issues that weigh against building a Nicaraguan canal are not included as a cost for the investors, of course. Might that not be precisely why they should be mentioned? ( see Externality)

If having Pepsi as well as Coke also meant that it might result in environmental disasters and harm to indigenous cultures where the Pepsi was made or sold then maybe we would have second thoughts about it.

wait a minute…

This could be a real boon for shipping companies. Right now the fees to use the Panama canal only have to be lower than the cost of sailing all the way around South America, and are thus very expensive. A competitor would drive down prices closer to the operational costs of the Canal.

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