Workers at Spin, Ford's e-scooter company, have unionized in San Francisco

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On the one hand, I hate those hazardous pieces of litter. On the other hand, where I can I join the Teamsters Local 666?


Good for them! if you’re working as a “contractor” you have virtually no rights. With a union, you have some might behind you.

Directions to Local 666:

  1. From the corner of Midway Ave. and Mortal Life Blvd. go astray into a gloomy wood.

  2. Turn aside from Panther Way.

  3. Retrace your steps at Lion Circle.

  4. Quake in terror at She–Wolf alley, then follow Virgil through the shadows to The headquarters of Local 666.

  5. At the door, abandon all hope and enter.


This is a key point as to why it started here. Ford knows that playing the anti-union game at Spin in the same way that the others do could be disastrous for them as a whole. I am not saying Ford is pro-union. I am saying – as the quote from TFA did – they’re used to unions. They know other ways of dealing with unions that the start-up boys haven’t figured out. They know the difference between propaganda and reality. Unions don’t scare them the way they do other companies.


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