Uber drivers in Toronto unionizing to take on The Man

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/06/27/uber-drivers-in-toronto-unioni.html


But this is a sharing economy, you greedy laborers! Didn’t you learn to share? What did you never go to kindergarten, geez. You share your wages with your corporate overlord and they share the opportunity to work for below-subsistence pay with you. If anything, they are being the more generous sharers. I mean, it’s probably because they went to a WAY better kindergarten than you. Lazy.


Task one for unions: switch their customers to an open source app that doesn’t suck out all their profits.


@SeamusBellamy please refer to them as “ride hailing” companies. there is no sharing here

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Libre-Taxi leaps out at me; any thoughts?

Strikes me that if you integrated a mechanism whereby the driver’s account can be publicly “signed” by safety regulators and union types as approved you might be on to something that could re-establish a bit trust. Technically, that’s also just a matter of deployment; the tools are there.

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