Workers rights and unions

This upsets me on multiple levels, though I’m more surprised at the union officials than the WH.

Kicking ass for the working class. Not.

From another topic, this is well-said.

Maybe CNN should talk to an actual worker instead of gaslighting the public

Here’s what one railroad worker had to say:

“The union sold us out so this wouldn’t make the Democrats look bad before the midterms. There’s no other way to view considering Pierce’s statements before this deal,” another worker commented. “Three to four weeks to even write the damn thing up, then time to vote, then most likely an additional 30 days cooling off period after that puts it firmly after the midterm elections for a future strike.”

I guess the workers can rest easy knowing their sacrifice of health care, time, and fair wages until after the election will support the “most union-friendly president in history” and his party.
“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time” -Maya Angelou

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Wow. That’s such a bullshit take.

The final agreement of course won’t happen until membership takes a vote. That part is technically correct. But to position it as some kind of subterfuge? That’s badly biased interpretation by someone who wants the deal to fail and has an axe to grind against the administration.

Here’s some other reporting on this, which correctly points out that the details certainly aren’t public, that the deal could fall through if even one union votes against it, but that there most certainly is a tentative agreement out for the unions to vote on it. Saying there is no agreement is a dangerous lie.

This is tantamount to throwing a Molotov cocktail at police during a peaceful protest. It’s an instigation to fuck with the process simply for the sake of fucking with it.


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Found in a discussion on mental health on Twitter:

Rough translation:

Ramón Nogueras, psychologist: “We are going to the psychologist when what really what we need is to join a union” - Público

Sometimes people come to my consultation and they say, “I have an anxiety disorder.” And I answer: NO, what you have is a boss who is a son of a b----. What you have to have is reasonable hours and decent pay. You will see how you get over your anxiety.

Context: the OP says that yes, medication and therapy do help people, but often the material conditions of people’s lives (poverty, underemployment, lack of stable housing, etc.) are factors making life harder to deal with, so they also need to be addressed. Thread is here.