World map with countries the size of their stock markets

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Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan are all looking quite impressive, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

I do appreciate that they separated out Taiwan, instead of pretending it’s just an island of China.


I would have expected Germany to be much more dominant. They’re eclipsed by Switzerland?


Is there a corresponding map based on the Black Market?

Russia would be a lot larger.


My understanding is that the Germans have traditionally preferred bonds to stocks.


Even those who think there is “one China” (on either side of the ROC or PRC debate) have to accept that the ROC and PRC have independent stock markets.


not sure if the “free-float equity market capitalization” (whatever that means exactly) is hugely influenced by private stock holders - and the level is similar low in Switzerland and Germany

I’m not sure what the implication is, but I think it would be:
"Free-float methodology market capitalization is calculated by taking the equity’s price and multiplying it by the number of shares readily available in the market. Instead of using all of the shares outstanding like the full-market capitalization method, the free-float method excludes locked-in shares such as those held by promoters and governments.

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stocks hold by the government could be an explanation for the smallish size of Germany - e.g. 3 of the 30 DAX (German blue chip stock index) companies are (partly) owned by the state (Volkswagen, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom),

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Oh, duh, my brain is not fully engaged this morning!

Wish there was a link to the source explaining what this means/ramifications etc.

I think I found the source document - no further explanations, but dozens of cool maps on a wide range of topics

Ironically, the Black Market Quarterly, the go-to publication for black market-related data, requires subscribers to sign a very restrictive usage agreement, including a ban on publishing any free documents based on BMQ data. I suspect Merrill Lynch simply didn’t want the legal hassle.


Oh look. Yet another “World” Map Without New Zealand. :disappointed:

It’s OK, we’re not that bitter about everyone forgetting about us. Much. Honestly … :weary:


How is it that China only has 866 billion? I would have thought it to be way larger, or am I misunderstanding what this map represents? What is “free-float equity market capitalization”?

A link would be nice, and I just don’t care quite enough to google it myself.

Clearly you folks need to develop your own stock market.

Our own stock market? You mean something like this one? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the issue is, New Zealand’s capitalization is “only” $99 million, which is too small to be seen on that tiny map above.

There’s a (000s) hiding in the cell to the left of that figure. $99 billion is big enough to figure on that map.

It’s OK, we’ll just hang out down here at the edge of the Southern Ocean in the cold and wet, all unwanted and forgotten. Again …


does not compute. you have shitloads of wool to keep you warm and dry : P