China state TV airs footage of detained reporter saying he regrets writing stock market story


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Well, of course he regrets it now.


I wonder what Mao would make of today’s China.


It’s a strange contradiction the to Libertarian philosophy… Let go of control and allow the natural forces produce what’s best.

Somehow they’ve managed to make overbearing control freakery work successfully.


I don’t think he’d be pleased… but then again, I think it was his idea to begin normalizing relations with the US.

But look what I found!


Yes, but what do his blinks say in Morse Code?


I’m a bit rusty on my Morse code, but I think it is either “Dump you portfolio” or “Drink your ovaltine”.


Never seen Stalin so young.


I’d guess it was from the 40s? Prior to the split…

And certainly you’ve seen this image floating around of a young Stalin?


I hadn’t, or I don’t recall it. Thank you.


No, in Soviet Russia, young Stalin thanks YOU!!! Or puts you in the Gulag as a political prisoner, I forget which.


Sometimes both. Sometimes even in reverse order, see Sergey Korolyov.


Best example I have seen of “evidence based practice” being bad.


Frankly, I would have thought that Stalin would be better at photo bombing than that.


Well, if anyone found that statement reassuring I have a number of can’t-lose investment opportunities that might be of interest to them…


Hmm, I thought it was the reverse.
“Do you want me in…? Just Mao? Okay…”.
Slowly slides off the side out of frame.


Fuck these fucking fucks.


I am torn apart with this…

On one hand I am absolutely pro freedom of speech and government transparency.

On the other hand… What if the reporter really wrote that article with the purpose of damaging the national stock market? In the last 25 years we have seen how susceptible are stock markets to false information, rumours and gossips. Those subtle manipulations resulting sometimes in billions of taxpayer dollars lost and someone (usually the one starting the rumour) getting very rich.

Could this be the equivalent of shouting fire on a crowded theatre?

I don’t know, it just feels to me like is a lot more complex that “Look, china imprisons reporters”.


What if it should be damaged?

Our stupid American banks caused all of us to lose a lot of money. Maybe they didn’t bear the cost directly because they finagled a rescue, but it just means that a different faction of the country’s wealth holders paid for that mistake.

Maybe I’ll get crucified for this, but what if that was good? What if that hit makes us do better? I honestly don’t know.

But corrupt systems need changing. The greater the need, the greater the disrupt. Desperate times, and all that.


If he, or suitably connected cronies, turn out to have had some juicy short positions or other more esoteric ways-of-betting-that-it-will-go-down lined up; then I would be fully enthusiastic about getting my persecution hat on. It’d be a basic pump and dump, just with FUD instead of hype.

However, if team PRC can’t come up with a decent ‘cui bono?’ For this one, than I am hard pressed to be impressed by their crackdown on pesky financial journalists(especially against the backdrop of the state’s failed effort to prop up the market.)

All markets exist in a froth of dubious information and Emotional fuzz, if they can’t take it that’s an architectural problem. Show some evidence of manipulation for gain, or quit whining.