Watch wonderfully rude Chinese reporter roll her eyes in disgust when another reporter asks a question

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“Damn it, that was MY question. I’d have said it sooo much better.”


Bring out the gif!


For the record, Ms. Zhang’s question was as follows:

“The transformation of the responsibility of supervision for state assets is a topic of universal concern. Therefore, as the director of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, what new moves will you make in 2018? This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Reform and Opening-up Policy, and our country is going to further extend its openness to foreign countries. With General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi proposing the One Belt One Road Initiative, state-owned enterprises have increased investment to countries along the route of One Belt One Road, so how can the overseas assets of state-owned enterprises be effectively supervised to prevent loss of assets? What mechanisms have we introduced so far, and what’s the result of our supervision? Please summarize for us, thank you.”

I…I would start twitching and hyperventilating.


It’s dangerous to react that way when a courtier is proclaiming the virtues of an emperor’s new clothes, especially when the emperor can banish you to a re-education camp for implying that he’s naked.


Spread cheeks, insert tongue, remove tongue, return cheeks to original position… a description of PRC ‘journalists’ more appropriately called “urinalists”

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Something tells me she would be very critical in A FAIRYTALE LAND FULL OF FLUFFY BUNNIES AND MARSHMALLOWS.

Thats the hallmark of living under a dictatorship, specially one that pretends to some ideological greatness.

Failure to be enthusiastic about the bullshit you are told to propagate can get you fired.


She’s also flipping her off/giving her the bird/giving her the middle finger, behind her hair. Can’t miss it at 0:53, and she seems to be smirking, too. Then she stops with the flipping off at about 0:57.


I’m far more likely to get killed in such a system for this kind of crime – a long sigh or a head desk – than any sort of active fomenting of dissent.

This reminds me of the scariest paragraph ever written in science fiction, from Maureen McHugh’s China Mountain Zhang:

“And there is the council meeting. I haven’t been to a council meeting in years. They hold them in the commune cafeteria at the long hour on Thursday nights. I don’t know who decided that since the martian day is 37 minutes and 23 seconds longer than the Earth day we should have the long hour from 8:00 to 9:00 last one hour 37 minutes and 23 seconds. If we’re going to have a long hour I’d rather have it in the morning. But it’s a bureaucrats dream, an hour and 37 minutes to have an hour meeting.”




“The video has gone viral in China. Meanwhile, Xiangyi was suspended from her job “until further notice.””
I guess it doesn’t pay to be sassy in ChYna!


I noticed that too! Super Sassy!

Actually, that does not seem to be a softball question. “Loss of assets” is a polite term for … ?


So now it’s international cattiness, is it?

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Death by fire for this sexist term plz, thx

In this research, we focus on the term “catty” to investigate (1) how people interpret relational aggression by women and (2) the effects of using abstract, gender-linked labels to describe those behaviors. . . . The results are consistent with our theoretical framework proposing that the use of [such] labels serves to increase stigmatization.



I must not be good at reading body language. The only thing I could tell from that video is that she’s obviously into me.


The reporter speaking is certainly no Jeff Gannon.

A little reminder for those who forgot (or never knew):

When people come throwing their misogynistic malarkey at us, sure. We’ll be quite catty, because fuck that noise.


I tried to post that one, but the damn interface wouldn’t cooperate… so now I’m stealing yours; thanks!