Watch wonderfully rude Chinese reporter roll her eyes in disgust when another reporter asks a question


Think the gif’s sleeping.


This post has been removed because IT WAS TOO LONG AND I MISSED THE POINT.

This story was not about professionalism at all; it was about state manipulation of the media, and I really should have read deeper, rather than dismiss it as an immature GIF of an immature news story.


Don’t blame me, blame @RobJ.



Death by fire for this sexist term plz, thx

Compare your use of expression “death by fire” to the term “catty.”

See also “death by burning” : barbaric punishment for extreme deviancy; in many cases, seemingly disproportionate to the crime …

Historical use:
punishment for sexual profligacy, disobedient slaves, breaching class distinctions, child sacrifice, male / female ritualistic sacrifice, anti-free thought (heresy), anti-semitism (also Holocaust), racism, those with disabilities, lapsed converts, consensual homosexuality, witchcraft, political dissension, apostasy (Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity), abortion, infanticide, Nazi-ism (and anti-Nazi-ism), widow burnings, bride burnings, necklacing (Haiti, South Africa), drug executions, vigilanteeism, South American death squad abductions, terrorist torture method, state executions (North Korea, USSR), lynchings of black males in the American South.

Doesn’t that sound a bit strange to you, that you casually prefer the use of the horrible expression “death by fire” with its historically violent and pejorative connotations, over the term “cattiness,” something used by both women and men to indicate disagreeableness?

You have an unusual concept of language-policing, when you use offensive language that is universally associated with genocide in order to disparage a feline metaphorical comparison used by women to describe themselves.

Perhaps you are being purposely facetious, and I have misunderstood. You are aware that the use of a term does not necessarily denote prima facia evidence of a person’s identity or beliefs, as if a person would be guilty by association or that your gender would be assumed?


Historical use of “Death by fire”

“Catty” as double-entendre joke: can also refer to a unit of weight in China and Southeast Asia

Use of “Catty” by Webster’s Dictionary, as a male and female lexigraphical example (the female reporter called Johnny Weir “catty” as implicit gender-norming of his homosexuality as a female quality):

“That wasn’t shade that was rude.@NBCOlympics @olympicchannel #olympics2018@TaraandJohnny — Jeannie (@ipuJL) February 9, 2018 Throughout the broadcast, social media users complained about how the duo crossed that fine line between critical and catty.”
—Lisa Gutierrez, Kansas City, “Johnny Weir, Tara Lipinski annoying as Olympic skating analysts The Kansas City Star,” 9 Feb. 2018

Opinion piece with the use of “catty” in feminist dialogue:

Examples of women using the term “catty” as common parlance by women:

Research into workplace aggression by women against women: majority of females do not prefer female bosses. Male and female respondents used terms such as “emotional,” “catty,” or “bitchy.”

Also, “Why Do Women Bully Each Other At Work?” by Olga Khazan:



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