China: police detain financial reporter for “spreading false information” about stock market


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The supervillain side of me thinks that what would be kind of cool would be if, in response to this stories, the markets plunge deeper.

Come on, free market capitalism, be the reactionary system of computer-based logic invented by stupid reactionary monkeys you know you are deep down! Panic! Panic and burn!

Gweeheehee, and such.


A stock market without rumors and innuendo is dead.


This…might…not be the way to restore investor confidence. Barring a very, very, convincing story; the likely conclusion has just gone from “It’s as bad as that guy says.” to “It’s so bad that they’ll drag you away for just talking about it!”.


They must remand him to the Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc National Prison, together with the Italian scientists who failed to predict the earthquake.


The messenger… shoot him!


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