Official weeps loudly during investigation over misused funds



There’s an entirely separate but related thread among serious psychologists and analysts in the Japanese press about how the signs of oncoming panic attack were there: the inability to hear in the room, the excessive blinking, etc. This guy wasn’t getting enough blood to his skull from the stress, and his higher brain functions shut down, reverting to the inner 4 year old crybaby that is in all of us all the time, evidently.

I felt bad for him for about 30 seconds, until my Japanese wife explained that before the meltdown, this asshole actually went around the room to get business cards from all the reporters, and had (beforehand) had promised retribution to any reporter that asked “bad” questions (a common technique amongst powerful and competent politicians in Japan).

TL;DR: This guy had it coming.

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Thanks for the extra info. I actually felt bad for him. He seems like he’s having an actual breakdown. I get panic attacks. As a woman it’s lethal (no one takes you seriously if you cry, and also attention whore) So I take a lot of drugs (legally prescribed) so that I can have that almost-botoxed lack of reaction (which I guess looks normal to other people, how would I know?)

Anyway, sounds like he’s a jerk who was only upset he got caught. He’ll make a great meme for people who don’t understand Japanese though. Take that Hitler!


Wall Street scumbags look a this guy, shrug and say, “Humility? Regret? How quaint…”


“And all this over pocket change like $50,000?”


Good to know that politicians are lying corrupt shitbags the world over…

Seriously, can we put them all in a big box with no air holes and start over from scratch?

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