Please Scream Inside Your Heart: Breaking News and Nervous Breakdowns in the Year that Wouldn't End

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Please Scream Inside Your Heart

I need to apply for more of them, my sanity needs it.


I’m almost afraid to read this book; I felt anxiety just reading the sample.

Too soon, perhaps.


Ok, that brief sample was as funny to me as watching Stuck Together, a comedy about how a group deals with lockdown during the early days of the pandemic.


A close friend of mine dropped off the face of the Earth for a few days, couldn’t connect with him - he had just moved into a new apartment, was sleep deprived something fierce and just general life stresses cracked him. Left the apartment screaming about Jesus and gibberish, climbed a security fence topped with barbed wire, jumped 12 feet down on to train tracks raving & drooling.

Police got him, fence left him with half a dozen long gashes all over, luckily didn’t break his legs jumping… the fact they didn’t find drugs in his system probably is what got him good care at the hospital, saw some shrinks and after a day was 100% mentally back to normal. Have personally witnessed similar mental-distress encounters with police go very bad.

I phoned his mom ready to spin some BS story why I needed his new address because if she didn’t know what was going on I sure didn’t want to put her into a state of panic. But she was up to speed already.

It was a terrible feeling, being a few thousand KM’s away unknowing and unable to help him… he was scared this was going to be a permanent mental state and what that would mean for his life.

He’s home, taking a week of work and very much aware what got him to that state… so… all is ‘good’ … but sure made me reflect on things going on in my life and how I (don’t) handle them properly. I’ve taken first steps to positive changes.

Take care of yourself folks, don’t be afraid to ask for help.


In a world of alex joneses, be a Buzz Aldrin.


Nov 2020 I had a full blown three-week long series of panic attacks that left me basically incapacitated for a lot of the day, and basically zombie-walking through work. I am otherwise a pretty normal person, mentally and physically - no major issues other than a critically low single-digit vitamin D level (that absolutely contributed, I believe, so watch your D folks). I’m lucky that I’m reasonably wealthy and had a job that I could just say ‘hey I’m fucked right now I need a bit of time’, but if I had been working at a wage slave position? They’d have absolutely dumped me on the streets at almost all of those positions, and I’d be even more screwed.

It wasn’t entirely COVID, but it absolutely helped pile onto the massive disaster. Y’all take care of yourselves.


Guess they don’t know how these things work.

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