Woz: Apple should make Android phone


I thought that iOS7 was their attempt at making an Android phone…

I suspect the biggest reason people stick with a platform is simple lock-in. I am on iOS because it has an amazing app ecosystem and tons of great games. For the first time since the 90s I am buying software again, and switching platforms would render that “investment” useless.

I think more people go from Android to iOS, mostly based on economics. iOS users spend more, so in theory lock-in impacts Android user’s decision to switch less.

So in short: Apple could make an Android phone, but there is really no point. It would dilute brand identity and encourage the loss of App Store revenue. The Android users who don’t buy apps are the least likely to lock-in, and core Android people wouldn’t switch anyway.

Remember: Apple doesn’t need market share, it’s after market profits. An iOS user generates far more revenue.

The only reason I have an iPhone is for one app that is not duplicated in any meaningful way on Android.
Apple’s refusal to give us NFC, an SD slot, a better camera (8mp? really?!) and that stupid fingerprint thing are the main reasons I will move away from the ios.

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There are a whole lot of things Apple would do better with their time than making an Android phone. How about:

-not making iTunes suck major ass on Windows.
-not making iOS so locked down that you need iTunes to move a fucking mp3 on and off the device. (on my droid based phone, it’s literally open an app, scroll over to the shared folder on my pc, copy and paste.)

I mean iOS/iPhone keeps getting better, but by god iTunes is the biggest piece of shit for dealing with an iPhone I have ever dealt with.

The number 1 thing Apple could do that would make people happy? Release OSX as a standalone OS.


People like the precious looks of stylings and manufacturing that we do in our product compared to the other Android offerings.

Sorry Steve, that ship sailed. My One is beautiful, the iPhone is looking old now, so very old.

You realize that you don’t even have to use “that stupid fingerprint thing” if you don’t want to, right? If you’re of a mind, you can treat it just like the home button on previous iphones and go back to sliding to unlock.

That suggestion is as stupid as suggesting Ford make Chevrolet cars. There are in this world different strokes for different folks. Some take the high road while others take the low road. What’s good for the gander is not necessarily good for the goose. A dog can never be a cat. Viva la diferance!

That 8mp camera you’re refering to is one of the best performers of any smartphones out today. I’m sure you can find phones with better camera (like that one nokia one with 41mp), but they heavily compromise in other areas.
Also, the Finger ID is an awesome feature. In one sweep, it massively simplified both securing your phone and unlocking it. If you don’t like it, don’t use it, but you’re missing out.
NFS? Yes, I’ll grant you that it’s missing, but I really don’t miss it as much as you’d think.
SD slots? I’ve had more nightmares with it than without. Like an Android phone with measly internal storage, where you can barely store all your apps, but gives you gigantic storage via SD for photos or whatever. There are some apps that you can move to the SD, but they either don’t allow it or you have to download it to the internal storage first and then move it, and that’s a poor option. I much rather have one large pool of storage, and not worry about micromanaging it.

i’ll agree that the 5s camera is nice. but having carried a wide variety of phones for work (in mobile phone sales), i’m happier with the quality of the galaxy s4 camera, the new lg g flex camera is very nice, and the phone comes stock with 32gb. most 16gb phones hold all my apps comfortably, it’s music/photo storage that is important to me, though the g2 and g flex both lack slots. samsung pretty much rules the roost as far as balance is concerned, phones available in 16/32gb with sd slots, very nice cameras. the nokia 1020 and even the 1520 both have very nice cameras, but i’m not too excited about the windows os. and as for the touch id, i am not a fan for security reasons - if my biometric data is compromised, i can’t change my ‘password’. you leave your fingerprints everywhere. i can’t imagine putting my pin on post-its everywhere i go. iphone might work splendidly for you, and it is what i carry as my primary phone, but if my favorite app goes android, i’ll make the change that very day, and with the android experience i’ve had, i’ll be so much happier.

Of course I can. I just dislike the whole concept.

Turns out Woz didnt say this at all

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