Write a negative review of Kleargear & they'll charge you $3500 and wreck your credit rating




I’ll let it slide that this story is already posted just a few scrolls down the page and say that some enterprising lawyer needs to take this case, sue for fraud against Kleargear and add in the credit rating agencies as accessories to fraud.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were in some alternate happy universe where this case brought down the entire credit rating empire in the US?


I spoke with some attorneys a few months ago whose whole practice is dedicated to forcing credit bureaus to change incorrect or fraudulent claims on individual’s credit reports. It’s a new area of practice, but these folks sound like they need it.


Isn’t this what lawyers are for? I mean they get a bad reputation I know, but if these people are out a few thousand either way and need their credit repaired it seems like the only way to help themselves (and also get something done about this obviously horrible practice on the part of this pathetic scam of a company) is to go the hard route and involve a lawyer… or three.


One wonders what the Job Title is of the dickhead at Kleargear who came up with this idea; Fuckwit in Charge of Own Goals? Imagine actually paying someone to screw up your company’s customer relations.


When I visited their homepage for the first time, it struck me that TRUSTe would certify a shop with such awful Terms of Service. Turns out they didn’t. Kleargear outright lies at their homepage: http://www.truste.com/consumer-privacy/trusted-directory/?radio=url&search=kleargear&submit=Search


It sounds like the company’s core business is fraud, so I expect the job title was “CEO”.


Yep, and I tried clicking on the TRUSTe seal; it’s not active. If kleargear isn’t paying for that TRUSTe seal that is displayed on their homepage, truste needs to know about it.


They have a “5-Star Merchant eTAILERratings” seal on their home page. It’s not clickable. When you go to that site and search for kleargear.com, guess what?


They also have a fake BBB rating on their page. I’m actually wondering, given all the misrepresentation, legally unenforceable policies (such as the $550 disputed charge fee, the bogus non-disclosure “agreement” etc.), the fact that they’re not shipping promised goods, etc., if they’re even a real business. I’m wondering if the business was set up primarily as a scam, not an e-tailer…


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