Writer's block supercut

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When you see a trope like that come up so often you get the distinct impression that Hollywood has a painfully difficult time coming up with new ide—ohhhh.


Back when typewriters were more widely used a writer told me he used a long roll of butcher’s paper to avoid feeling like he was only working to the end of the page.

I understood that feeling and sometimes write in email instead of a word processor so I don’t get distracted by page and word counts. Yeah, I know it’s possible to turn off the word count and page length can probably be adjusted too, but sometimes I like those things so there’s a great advantage in being able to switch back and forth between tools with so little effort. I don’t even have to stand up.


For your consideration…

Police line-up supercut

He has some famous company:

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Thank you! I’d forgotten that one. The 120 Days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade was also written on a long scroll, although in his case it was hand-written.
And I don’t need to say which one I’d rather read before breakfast.

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