WSJ: defective Apple watch component slowed rollout


My sources report that anyone heard using jokes, puns, etc. based on the “I’d tap that” phrase and concept either on Apple’s campus or the premises of Apple’s suppliers and OEMs has been summarily dismissed.

lt slowed the rollout…and this is a bad thing?

For those who want an Apple Watch, or own stock in Apple, yes. It’s a bad thing.

Wow. You guys must really hate hate hate Microsoft and really love love love Apple.

Because in no other universe can I imagine someone posting an article about a failed component in the Apple Watch when they could be talking about how amazing the Microsoft Hololens is.

To say nothing of Microsoft deciding to treat Apple and Linux platforms as first-class citizens and taking a big jump into Open Source.

(Full disclosure: While not an MS Fanboy, I am at the BUILD conference…)

As long as you’re linking to Daring Fireball, you might acknowledge that Gruber regularly takes apart the WSJ’s coverage of Apple.

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