WTF! School plays and Easter Celebrations gone horribly racist

Not sure where else to put these, so I started a new thread for them.

First, in ATL… note the neighborhood - the Old Fourth Ward - adjacent to Auburn Ave., historically a black working class neighborhood near downtown:

You’d think that this would have been in some suburb, probably in Cobb or Cherokee county, but this is right near downtown!

And, Virginia is not to be outdone on racial fuckery this week, apparently!


Umm no.

I can at least see what the teacher for the 2nd graders was trying to do after reading the song/speech/whatever the kids recited. But a fucking amazingly bad lapse in judgment for the masks themselves.


Also, since there’s multiple contradictory accounts in the bible of how Judas died, why not just have him falling headlong in the potter’s field, instead of lynching a mannequin?


Even if their motives were as pure as the driven snow still they should have thought better of it. And I’d take some convincing about said purity. That said, one might think that ‘falling headlong in a potter’s field’ might be a tad difficult to pull off in the form of puppetry. :slight_smile:


Also, why does the mannequin need to be dark skinned.


Oh sure, people have been complaining about our portrayal of Jesus and the disciples as white for years. As soon as we try to be a little more historically accurate, everyone flips out. /s


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