‘X-Men’ director Bryan Singer accused of sexually abusing teen boy; case mentions Marc Collins-Rector of DEN

I have heard “hard to work with, as a drunken egomaniac” from mine.

Smells a lot like the Apt Pupil shakedown. I reported on that: http://www.donmurphy.net/naked.html

Off topic, and I don’t mean to belittle the seriousness of the allegations… but wow, that’s one really bad toupee on the DEN guy.

I remember something about the Apt Pupil locker scene. A friend of mine worked on the editing of that scene. His chief complaint was the difficulty in getting the right shot with Renfro - he had a belly at the time and they were trying to make sure it wasn’t ever visible. They had to show him only from specific angles, only from so-so high, etc. - (or something - this is a conversation I had in 1998, so the details are sketchy).

That is the most homophobic thing I’ve read in recent memory. I just lost all sympathy for the plaintiffs.

I’d heard similar. But in regards to his personal life I’d heard some things about these parties, and his (supposed) assistants who according to rumor spent an in ordinate amount of time recruiting young gay men from around LA to attend said parties. Sometimes on the promise of networking or future acting work.

You mean “alleged victim,” right?

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This isn’t a court room, you know.

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I know so let’s not talk about “his victims” until he’s convicted of a crime, right?


A court of law does not make someone a victim or not. Many many people are victimized by other people who are never convicted of a crime, that does not in any way make them less of a victim of abuse or other actions.

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And that has anything to do with what I said how?

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I’ll let you figure it out.

Oh, I figured it out. It is the court of public opinion. Let the mob hang him before he actually gets his day in court.


Hey, no need to rush things. Let’s give him a fair trial and then we’ll hang him.

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