X-Men star's disappearance blamed on China's new "anti-corruption" snatch squad

A.K.A. a human rights violation.

I wonder how long the West will ignore atrocities perpetrated by the PRC government against its own people.

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It’s comforting to know corporations like Google and Apple are willing to work closely with the Chinese government.

He said with much sarcasm…


Fucking gross. Of course, this isn’t a communist party problem, but exists in literally every place in the world.

My larger point was theoretical, rather than material. I fully acknowledge that the party itself is corrupt, but there are points of leverage that Chinese people can use, but only by joining the party. The mechanisms to influence the government outside the party are likely more dangerous.


Roughly forever, or at least as long as it is profitable. Public executions have earned Saudi Arabia a few furrowed brows and not much worse. In fact, some of he worst offenders get their human rights violations enhanced when we outsource some of our torture to them.


Stories like this aren’t that odd. My partner’s family came to the US because the options even for rather privileged PhDs were bleak and full of awful concessions. If that’s what it’s like for the more privileged people, I shudder to think how it must be for the less.


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