Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony all pass on E3

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Remember the last time they said E3 was ending forever? Was that really 2007…? All the thinkpieces of the time are even more buried due to the announcements in recent years.


I feel like the writing was on the wall with respect to E3 around that time. 2007 must be around when I stopped hearing annual E3 updates and started hearing about CES again.

Good riddance.

E3 has probably caused more pain for game developers than anything else. I can’t count how many months of brutal crunch every year that we worked to make the game ready to show there. All the bad middle managers in the industry had it in their heads that showing the game at this event was somehow critical to success. Maybe pre-internet, it was. Post-internet, all anyone is going to do is watch the trailer online anyway, which you’re gonna fake anyway.

Everyone in the industry who doesn’t have an office hates E3 because of the pointless artificial deadline and endless crunch time it created in the middle of every year when we’re all fighting hard enough just to keep our heads above water long enough to ship the game.

The event itself? Occasional neat conversations with fellow developers, in between sexual harassments and throngs of people who haven’t sufficiently bathed. I went to that thing every year for a decade and I won’t miss it one bit.


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