Xbox One review: a weekend with Microsoft's new console

I should point out that “enjoyable gameplay” and “popularity” aren’t that strongly correlated either, or else games like FarmVille wouldn’t be one of the more popular games in history.

That’s subjective though. The reason that it’s popular is because lots of people enjoy it :slight_smile:

I think it’s iffier with FarmVille, doesn’t that belong to that class of games that are designed to be timesucks and not because you really enjoy it all that much (compared to other games, at least, although I’m sure they have some level of appeal), but because it plays on certain behavioral tendencies to make you come back for more? Intermittent Reinforcement, Reciprocal Gift-Giving, Social Pressure, etc.

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I think you’re right actually. They’re enjoyable in the same way that cigarettes are!

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It boggles me the number of people that take issue with Microsoft for having ‘eyes and ears in my living room’, and thus proclaim a preference for Sony’s offering.

Sure, Microsoft will have eyes and ears in your living room. But it’s still the same Sony that secretly installed root kits on your PC because you listened to one of their music CDs.

Microsoft might plan on doing something evil in this sphere - Sony already has.

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