Xbox One wireless controller charging station


I have the PS4 version of this charger, and love it. You attach a thin dongle to the port on the controller, which isn’t at all intrusive while playing (it wraps around the underside), and this allows you to just lay the controller into the cradle rather than struggling to plug a tiny contact into a tiny port. The #1 complaint I have read concerning charging docks for the PS4 is the wear and tear (and eventual breakage) on the port due to gravity putting a strain on the connection; this system eliminates that.

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I’ve got a very similar setup for my 360 controllers.

Little battery packs with charging points on the back plus a little plastic caddy that connects to a USB port for power.
Nice and simple idea that keeps the controllers handy and always ready to go :slight_smile:

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I go with rechargable AA betteries for my 360 controller. It was easier to swap out dead batteries than finding a charging cable and getting a big set of batteries that I could use for my controller, remotes, camera, and other things was cheaper than buying repalcement 360 cotroller batteries when they eventually died on me. Haven’t looked back.

I have the 360 version of this. Very happy with it.

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