Xmas tree made from det cord


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Christmas! FUCK YEAH !




You can do the same thing with a real Xmas tree a few weeks after the holidays…


Without tamping it’s mostly flash and no punch, but what a nice flash it is, and it certainly does a great job demonstrating how det cord can “cut” objects when wrapped around them.


I want to see this man do a menorah… heh. heheheh… Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! BOOM!

This is a celebration of Festivus (for the rest of us).

No kidding. I was shocked at the slow motion video and how it showed how much flame there is. At real time speed it happens so fast it looks like just a quick puff.

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Thank you for mah new christmas card image…

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I knew det cord was fast, but a burn rate of 4 miles a second is beyond fast.

Hawkeye approves.

That’s no way to treat a perfectly good Festivus pole.

That was awesome.

It’s fast because it doesn’t burn - it detonates. There is a definite (and Quite Interesting) difference between deflagration and detonation. The short version is that “burning” happens slower than the speed of sound, and detonation happens faster than sound (which causes a proper shock wave). In the slow-mo shots, you can actually see the shock wave (that blurry bit that looks like heat shimmer) emanating from the cord as it detonates.

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Hot damn! Needs GIF.

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charizard use firespin!

A neighbour of mine once attempted to dispose of his six foot tree by slowly feeding it into his living room fireplace.


love the footage and tree design. no ornaments!

A good pine tree in the open hearth is fun for everyone! Soots the flue, but damn those things go up quickly.