Xmas tree: symbol of joy or blazing death torch?




NIST would like to concur in exciting detail!


What is the context of that picture? An advert for the Aluminum Tree Industry Association?


I don’t know, but either way I’m sure my Shimmer Floor Wax will go great with it.


O Todfackel, O Todfackel,
wie brennbar sind deine Blätter!


Do I have to choose? Can’t I have both?


You’ll never forget this video
(Edit: which @fuzzyfungusposted first but didn’t embed :blush:):


That’s very similar to how it looks when my brother-in-law is in charge of the barbecue.


I was hoping there would be a poll with this entry so I could vote.


Blazing Death Torch sounds like either
a) a REALLY great band name, or
b) there should be a ™ after it.

Or maybe both.


I think its a reminder to a) Water your fucking tree! b) Take down your tree before MLK day (or Memorial day, you hoarders)!


Holy jesus!


You mean all these years I’ve had a choice?!?


To me a blazing death torch is a symbol of joy.


You just need to survive the first 48 seconds.


Yeah, we did burn trees one year, rather surprising how they can go from impossible to get going to a smoking pole 3 minutes later in just a day or two. It is fun and sobering, you light it off with a lighter, and 5 minutes later (tops), it’s done, just a smoking pole, and in between, some very impressive flames shooting 10-15 feet into the air.

Water your tree. Or else.


Blazing Death Torch 2016!


I saw this once as a kid. Someone set their entire tree in their trash can on the street (presumably pretty dry), and someone else (not us) lit it. Talk about a conflagration! Blazing death torch is an understatement.


Like most family/holiday gatherings… (Long enough to get a stiff drink.)


The last time my grandmother used real candles I was like 6 years old and it was a small tabletop tree that went flying out of the kitchen window fully engulfed. Scared the crap out of me. Must of been a sight to see, a flaming tree dropping down 4 stories.