Xmas tree: symbol of joy or blazing death torch?


fire departments responded to an average of 230 home fires that started with Christmas trees per year.

For the record, the US has a population of about 319.4 million.

Here in Austria, we get about 500 each year. Austria’s population is about 8.5 million.

We still use real candles.
A Christmas tree with electric candles belongs in a shopping mall, not in a home. It just doesn’t feel right. And the risk of dying in a traffic accident is still higher.

I guess you can have my Christmas candles when you pry them out of my charred, dead fingers.


growing up in Czechoslovakia in the 60s we put burning candles and sparklers on our Christmas trees.
(the sparklers only lasted a while, but we’d leave the candles on for hours).
There were probably a few fires here and there but I don’t recall that it was a major problem.
Though I don’t think they use candles now.

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Some nice graphs of heat release and radiant fluxes here:

The total power peaks at around 6 megawatts, and the radiant flux inside the test compartment reaches 150-180 kW per square meter; enough for a tactical laser target ballpark, but over way larger total area.

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