Singing and rotating birthday cake candle definitely kicks things up a notch


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A recent birthday dinner I went to had one of these. We were a little scared to light it - the instructions are kind of dire and confusing (very typical of low-QC chinese products). Everything was fine, it was pretty amazing.


This marvelous device brought to you in part by Happy Birthday now being copyright free! Yayyyy!


My God that’s like evil clown music!


Was hoping for a Great White style pyro finale. Am disappoint.


I had one of those (in red) for my birthday last year or maybe the year before! That music just keeps going and going and going and going… until you completely dismantle the damn thing. (I think that there is actually a wire you are suppose to cut.)


good thing that song copyright issue has been cleared up!



(The instructions must say that, right?)


I’d pay an extra couple bucks for a mute version.


Fire extinguisher, earplugs, hammer…


The GIF made me think the rotation was achieved pyrotechnically, which would’ve been delightful, but then it turns out it’s filled with cheesy electronics. wtf china :’(




Here Clive breaks down how a simpler version of these work:


That center flame looks too dangerous for indoor use.


I want one of these. If only I had known about this when I turned 30 last month. However it probably wouldn’t have fitted on my cake.


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