Germophobe demonstrates a sanitary way to extinguish birthday candles


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Coming up: the video of someone else trying this and accidentally(?) launching a burning cake across the room.


All I can think of is all the dead skin cells he’s spreading over the cake.

And did he wash his hands first?


like in so many situations where safety and sanitation interact, use a glove


How Un-American. He should sell “Candle-Away”, a line of cans of compressed nitrogen, guaranteed to be germ-free and perfectly suited to blow out even 80 candles in one sitting.


I love this guy, so enthusiastic, it’s great!


C’mon. What’s a little drool between friends?



Homeopathic Oxygen!


Where the Jumbo Can is SMALLER!!


Someone needs to trick this guy with those novelty self-relighting candles. He’d get a real arm workout.


I am worried that his smoke detector is not working.


If you can’t stand to have a tiny bit of my spittle on the cake then you can just go sit in the other room while everyone else eats. Why even bother with the candle ritual if they aren’t being blown out?


You know, a raging house fire might actually be worse than a germ.


Fire is the cleanser.


Why not just go with a more indirect approach? Bonus, you get to make some noise for your bday, whoop whoop.


These only encourage kids to spit on a birthday cake out of sheer frustration.


Exactly! The candle scenario only happens around people who’ve already kissed points all over my face. If I was gonna die from birthday cooties, it would’ve happened years ago.


If i can survive eating Taco Bell i think i can survive germs on a cake.


Wow, you’re brave - I’ve never tried it because of all the horror stories. I’m still grateful that Jack in the Box was more of a West Coast thing, after that terrible E. coli outbreak. I used to eat every type of fast food burger available back then.


It’s not the best but honestly it’s not abysmal. I ate quite a bit of it some years ago when i was completely broke and eating as a strict vegetarian, their prices are really affordable and i found that eating without any of their meat in the food was better. Sits less heavy on your stomach and i think taste-wise its much nicer.

These days i don’t eat there but i don’t mind it if i really had to.