Review: Energizer Flickering LED Candle Lights


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Well NOW you’ve done it…


thanks @beschizza this was a great amusement for my evening.


That’s too bad, I read the headline thinking a few of these might be nice in the bathroom for when I take baths.


There’s a future for you in recording Victorian Gothic audio books. :face_with_monocle:


But how’s the kerning?



I gotcha relaxing flickering fuckering (@Brainspore) flickering bath light right here. :wink:


Really, it’s what I carry at night on these dark streets.
Shopping bag + cheap phone + free (as in no ads) blinking flashlight app.


That’s some (not-so) romantic cyberpunk lighting, right there. I could picture Mona having this as the setup in her tent in Mona Lisa Overdrive! :grimacing:


Maybe a better choice of color bag is needed. :upside_down_face:

But really, it’s da bomb! Not only don’t cars hit me, they slow down and ask, “WTF is that?”


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