Excellent LED headlamp for $7

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I’ve got an older version of this light, with 1/3/10 combination of LEDs, with no red LEDs. It looks like it’s got a focusing ring on the front, so you could change it from spot to flood, but it’s not. The light itself is rather heavy, and the ratcheted pivot is at the back, so it doesn’t take too much jostling for it to start tilting down on its own. Its weight it probably the reason for the over-the-top band, to keep it from sliding down your forehead. It’s okay for some things, but it’s not the headlight I’d take on The Amazing Race.

My favorite, of those I own, is made by Garrity. The pivot mechanism is in the center of the light, so it’s not front-heavy like this one, and stays in place. Also, on the top, it has a tiny green LED that flashes about once every two seconds. It’s barely noticeable in daylight, but in the dark, it makes it very easy to locate. Yes, it can be deactivated if you’re not using the light for a while.

That’s an excellent trick! Thanks :smile:


Or go to a dollar store and get it for $3.

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I tried those generic LED head lamps, but they are a pain. Things break, the hinges get wonky, the straps are cumbersome, etc.

The Energizer Brilliant Beam costs $20 at Target, but it is actually worth $20. Energizer addressed all the shortcomings of their less expensive units, and didn’t introduce any bad features.


What is the second button for on the energizer? I would bevery interested if it one button is an on off button where it is off when released.

solid red beam > blinking red beam

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and are placing an order worth $25 or more before the price on the headlamp changes. It’s an add-on item that doesn’t ship on its own.

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You don’t need to be a Prime member to order it too.

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