My favorite LED headlamps are on sale for $6.35

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Now, that’s a powerful light!

All kidding aside, I believe this is the headlamp my son also recommends.


I like the Energizer ones better because the strap is simpler and the module is smaller. And they aren’t quite as craptastic. And the LEDs are nicer.

They come in a variety of styles and prices, depending on the number of times you have to press the button to turn them on or off (and coincidentally, how bright they are). I found some of a simple style last year at AutoZone for $4 on clearance!

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When I was packing up stuff for a camping trip last summer I realized I had four LED headlamps. Four. They all work fine, some had fancy flashing modes and red-LEDs (which have certain benefits) but how many headlamps do I need? I gave one away, and attached one to my bike as my new bike lamp. I actually prefer camping with the lightest one that only uses one battery and has two bulbs.

Not to diss, that looks like a nice headlamp, and if I needed another one I’d get it, but I actually got a lot of my lamps for even cheaper at the thrift store.

I hate this headlamp.

I prefer the Energizer 300. More confortable. Better fit. Brighter. Smaller.



Vampires beware!

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Most excellent! Is that the CTU campus down by D.C.?

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I am moving all my flashlights to 18650 rechargeable batteries so 1. no dealing with disposables and 2. everything uses the same battery. There are headlights out there that use 18650s. And they will last much longer and be much brighter.


People who need lights that work reliably (cavers, mountaineers, search and rescue, dog mushers) almost always use Petzl or Princeton Tec headlights. Occasionally Black Diamond

I’ve used Petzl headlights for 30+ years. My current model is the rechargeable Tikka RXP (which of course has been discontinued), but there are other rechargeable LED models with reactive sensors (dims to save power when needed). Cost is about 10x the model you are recommending, but IMHO you get what you are paying for in this case.

Of course, it’s all about how reliant you are going to be on your headlamp and how much value you place on that. May be overkill for many (most) people

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