Yakuza series devs beat seven games in a row in 170-hour livestream

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I guess the trick is to avoid all the side stuff in the game, but are you really playing a Yakuza game if you’re not getting lost in doing a bunch of the optional stuff?


If they failed to beat the games, would they have lost fingers?


I started a replay of 0 recently, and I’ve been sucked into Majima’s cabaret side hustle all over again. Not looking forward to running around Kamurocho to get all of Kiryu’s real estate properites, though…


How many hours were spent repeatedly pushing the “skip cutscene” button, waiting a moment for the next cutscene to load, then doing it again? I spent like a half hour doing that when I decided to try one of these games.

Yup, doing all the side stories and games and whatnot it the true experience of the games. The main story-line is generally interesting, but strictly adhering to its progression is not the best way to play.

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Me browsing BB and seeing something about the Yakuza series:



Yeah, but what’s the fun in that? If you just go straight for the story, you’re looking at maybe 20-30 hours tops. But if you get into all the side content, that’s easily going to add another 50+ hours. If you’re a completionist and are trying to 100%, that can easily get to 100-150 hours total. Some of the games’ requirements around completing everything can be brutal. I’ve only ever 100%’ed 6 and 7. 7’s “Final Millennium Tower” achievement was so hard it almost broke me. If I had unlimited time I’d definitely try to 100% them all.

But you can always get the 3 minute summary which covers the broad points:

But, yeah, these games are suuuuuper heavy on the exhibition — like Hideo Kojima levels. It’s kind of a series trademark. The series is dense on lore and characters. Unlike a Hideo Kojima game, at least it generally makes sense although it can be impenetrable if you come into the series in the middle. Yakuza 0-6 tell a continuous story arc and each one takes off right where the previous one left off. 7 is a reboot so you can come into that fresh, but it also has huge spoilers for 6.

The spin-off Judgment series (which is also great and it’s like a cross between Yakuza and Ace Attormey) is in the same universe and has some little callbacks but is otherwise completely standalone.

Agreed. Whenever I’d play I’d purposefully do absolutely everything I could in each chapter before moving on to the next one just because I didn’t want to miss anything at all. At least after you get to the ending you can clean up any unfinished business (and even get a ton of new stuff). They are just amazingly well designed games.

The story is great and all, but the side content is where it’s at. It’s where all the weird and wild stuff happens.


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