Yesterday, Lake Mead dropped to its lowest level ever


This is why I’m not sure about moving back to Austin.

Also less hydroelectric power. This should drive the development of solar power.

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Thing is, with crop subsidies the way they are, there is no real market incentive for AgroCorp to try planting diffetent, more suitable crops. They’re better served to keep chugging the water and taking the government’s money until both run completely dry. Thirsty people are eventually going to have to look at those subsidies.


Drought, schmout. Come visit the food trucks and your decision will be made.

On the other hand, the Tamale House closed.

Ha ha! What are you talking about? That’s obviously a sign that so called “green energy” is a giant waste of time. We obviously need to relax restrictions and regulations on burning coal etc…
Why, I hear tell that vast tracts of the american southwest used to be covered with giant swampy fern forests. And the CO2 content of the air was much higher. The answer is obviously more greenhouse gases!

(this sarcastic message most definitely not brought to you by the excellent upstanding citizens at the American Coal Council!)

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They can finally paint it now.

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A great climbing wall is born.

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