Yet another pre-installed spyware app discovered on Lenovo computers

Tiles, and the whole Metro/Modern UI. I just don’t get all of the love that reviewers seem to have for it.


Two simple weird tricks.

  • You can pay the reviewers to pretend they are happy.
  • You can preselect the reviewers by what they tend to like so they will be actually happy.

My non-refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad Helix has that stuff on it. It’s about a year old though and came with Win 8.1

I had long ago disabled most Lenovo software using Sysinternals Autorun.


Quoting Lenovo from their tech note on the subject:

To prevent the usage data from being sent to Lenovo, the administrator can also disable or delete the “Lenovo Customer Feedback Program” scheduled tasks. These tasks are registered in Task Scheduler -> Task Scheduler Library -> Lenovo. There may be one or more tasks. If the tasks are disabled, then the application usage data will not be sent to Lenovo.

The full tech note is here

I like TaskSchedulerView from Nirsoft for dealing with the task scheduler database.


Big fan of Autoruns. But after using Nirsoft TaskSchedulerView, it seems that Autoruns fails to report many of the scheduled tasks.

See Lenovo support document HT102023
Lenovo systems may include software components that communicate with servers on the internet - All ThinkCentre, All ThinkStation, All ThinkPad.

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I noticed the article did not mention that Omniture is an Adobe marketing company. Also the information collected goes directly to Adobe’s marketing servers. So in my book, just as guilty as Lenovo, is Adobe.


I think Autoruns hides Microsoft and Windows-system entries by default.

Honestly, it doesn’t affect you even if you are an enterprise Windows user, as you will throw away the pre installed Windows and flash your own Windows image anyway - but they have also infected UEFI which spans even beyond your OS, and can technically infect also Linux, if they wanted to.
Feeling safer with Linux is just the usual illusion. They don’t get you only because the low ROI. Eventually they can also come there one day.

And enterprise environments also have things like security regulations so that BIOS trick they tried awhile ago would lose them as a customer yesterday depending on what outside access the users are allowed.

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