You Are Not So Smart podcast 017: Alternative Medicine - Tim Farley


Does anybody know the name of the song that plays at the beginning of the podcast?

FYI, the ‘Download this episode’ link has a double quote at the end.

The website is odd, but informative. I jumped in and read a few bits… a website that tracks the harmful effects that result from seeking out alternative treatments and cures before or instead of seeking out science-based medicine might well be the best way to describe it, although modern medicine is not really very strongly science-based (it’s mostly directed by economic and political factors, that have often resulted in good science being funded) and some of the anecdotes contain somewhat unscientific value judgements like Diagnosed with inoperable cancer, he sought out alternative therapies. […] These treatments wasted time he could have spent with his family before he died. All that being said, it’s good that somebody tracks this stuff.

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