Laughter is the worst medicine


New studies are showing that as soon as you’re born you start dying, so you might as well have a good time.


Just like many things it follows a hormetic response – the dose makes the poison…

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I wonder some times if my childhood asthma attacks drove me to a strong preference for dry humor.


That that, Reader’s Digest.

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TPTB must be in big trouble if declaring laughter unlawful and unhealthy.

I wonder what’ll happen if voice actor Rob Paulsen gets wind of this.


I cracked a joke in a moving vehicle that nearly killed us all from the laughter and inability of the driver too steer properly.

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Stop it, you’re killing me!


I was unexpectedly in hospital with a tube in my chest, a long time ago, and I asked the missus to bring me “some funny books” to pass the time.

Don’t read “Shave the Whales” for the first time when trying to recover from a collapsed lung. The tube turns bright red.

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Headline’s a bit misleading…
‘Too much’ is just another way of saying ‘bad for you’.


The Goodies have to get a mention also.

I’d like to point out here, in case anyone took the article too seriously, the Christmas week BMJ is traditionally full of tongue-in-cheek articles of silliness, written in a serious scientific style :slight_smile: It’s a career goal of mine to get published in the Christmas BMJ one day.

Just an anecdote that proves nothing: I lose consciousness instantly if I laugh at something unexpected and really funny. I drop like I’ve been pole-axed and I’m out cold for a few seconds. I only realize it has happened after the fact. Apparently my condition is called laughter syncope. I’m guessing I’ll probably die laughing. Hopefully I won’t take anyone else with me.

Needless to say, I don’t drive often, and I avoid NPR and bumper stickers when I do.


Sorry, I immediately had an image of you laughing at fainting goats… An endless loop of fainting as you startle them and they amuse you.

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I wonder if they cited the existing studies on the topic?

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