Dying Pig - "the most laughable novelty yet produced"





"So, Gentlemen, we’ve invented rubber.

The question at hand, is: What – besides tyres for those faddish auto-mobiles – can we do with the stuff?"


I can imagine in the days before TV this might be pretty near the funniest thing ever, although the comparison to real dying pigs is a little unsettling.


Let’s not get too high and mighty considering that an inflatable flatulence simulator remains one of the best selling novelty items of our age.


Right, so . . . it’s a balloon I guess, and you blow it up and it squeals as the air escapes and it deflates and “dies.”

I’m sure you blow it up via its snout, but god help me I initially thought you would blow it up via the opposite end.


Is it meant to fool you friends? “Oh… your pig died! Sweet! Free bacon! HEY, WAITAMINNIT!”


And people still laugh about as much as they ever did, despite their shrunken brains. If a bunch of them are lying around on a beach, and one of them farts, everybody else laughs and laughs, just as people would have done a million years ago.

I was going to put this in the farting horse thread, but I’ll go where the wind takes me.



'Nuff said.


I went to YouTube to see if maybe someone posted a video of this antique novelty. I’m not sure what made me think this was a good idea…:frowning:


Two words: “Red wedding”. Let’s not be too quick to judge the simple pleasures of the folk of yore.





How many times do I have to inflate and deflate it before it begs for release from the torment of the cycle of death and rebirth?

Death in the name of my petty amusement is all well and good; but when I start to get jaded I’m going to need that subtle, refined, titillating, aspect of despair to hold my interest…


Three for 40c! A dozen for $1.35!
Because just one inflatable dying pig is not enough.


Um, does the word “rubber” itself rig a bell?


Party favors?


Awesome - Phil Proctor of Firesign Theatre also discovered this ad back in 1970 and read it out on their radio show “Dear Friends” on KPFK: http://www.footnoteconspiracy.com/datadump/DearFriends1970-10-25_DyingPig.mp3


I’ve noticed a phenomenon in cuisine where there is a direct correlation between suffering and taste. Wangu beef is the only outlier.


Some might get the connection…