Corpse on gurney rolls out of coroner's van




On first glance, I thought this happened in Festerville.


Please, doctor, give me something to stop this coffin.


That’s terrible.

gives like


Needs more Yakety Sax.


Are you sure you didn’t drive onto the set of Crank 3?


SWAT then arrived and accidently shot it.


…because it looked like there was a dog under the sheet!


They should have know better than to hire the 3 Stooges.


A friend had a hearse that we used to take to Milwaukee Brewers games full of “tailgating” supplies. Once when taking off from a stop sign a guy and a pony keg tumbled out of the back door - wish I had a video of the woman in the car behind us… the look of horror followed by what appeared to be incapacitating laughter is burned into my memory.


just another typical weekend at bernies


I’m a physician, and I’ve seen both patients and family suffer similar indignities. As a blog that on the surface seems to support patients and their families, boingboing should realize that this post is in bad taste.


Fair enough—but as a person with bad taste, I hope that my corpse will have the opportunity to amuse and horrify thousands of people one day.


Oh, Brainspore, have heart. Can’t you see this physician is suffering from a bad case of rigor mortified?


Thought this kind of stuff only happened in shitty movies. This kind of broadens the field for the sort of preposterous hijinks that can actually happen in real life.


FTFY :wink:


Holy hell, I used to live in Feasterville. I can state with confidence this is not a normal occurrence there.


THAT’s not an indignity. THIS is an indignity.


You never know, in 100+ years, they may hold commemorative gurney races at this location.

(yes, it’s a bit disrespectful and whatnot, but sometimes the best way for the human mind to deal with something as horrifying as death is to try to find some humor in it)


What kind of physician takes time out of a Sunday to lecture a light-hearted discussion board on what’s funny and what’s not? Could it be… a fake physician?