Laughter is contagious, even on the subway

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As a New Yorker, I can’t help but see this as a clear example of mass hysteria that demands immediate professional attention.

Those poor, mad souls.


Read recently about psychopaths being resistant to contagious yawning and wonder if they are also resistant to contagious laughter. Perhaps another clue to watch out for in social situations.

I wonder what the clues are for sociopaths.

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Aren’t there historical examples of communicable hysterical laughter? It can go on for days iirc. Can be dangerous (all that levity, grrrr!) If only there were some way to search them intarwebs…

Once I was at the DMV awaiting my turn. Everyone was grumpy. Everyone. Or bored and looking at their phone playing _______ (insert current fav app/game here). After some time a baby across the cavernous hall started to laugh and giggle, cooing delightfully at something or other that I couldn’t see. But it brought a smile to my face and a sort of mirror neuron chuckle. I looked around and other people were starting to smile too. Before long I was talking to the mom and son sitting a few rows ahead of me, everyone all smiles. I said the obvious thing: they should record that and play it every 20 minutes or so and the whole place would be soon much more pleasant. Maybe waft some cinnamon bun smell in as well.


“I wonder what the clues are for sociopaths.” they think Trump is a viable candidate?

Geezus! Now I’m laughing.

I feel sorry for that bloke who got on after it had started though. Doubly so if his mute incomprehension was mistaken for sociopathy.

The most reasonable explanation is that someone had breakfast tacos that morning.

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Trump is not only a viable candidate, he is an ESSENTIAL candidate. If you subscribe to my “the world should be more like the comic Transmetropolitan” philosophy, that is.

As someone who has read Transmetropolitan, I find this entirely plausible, trenchant and I just soiled my trousers.

Trump Cosby 2016!

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See people? This is what happens when you don’t get vaccinated, herd immunity goes right out the window and suddenly you endanger yourself and everyone around you. Laughing disease is very contagious, get vaccinated now.

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