Psychopaths are more immune to "contagious" yawns


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I think you’ve got an unclosed FONT SIZE tag that’s affecting other articles down the page.


I may not be a psychopath and that’s comforting.


Guess I’m not a sociopath, either, the picture of the yawning monkey made me yawn. :slight_smile:


I’m watching you.




Me too! And then reading the word “yawn” over and over made me yawn again. What the heck?


Will you people please quit using that word?

I need some coffee.


Idris Elba used that trick to ID a suspect as a sociopath in the first episode of Luther.


Such a great show… Let’s make Elba the next Bond! Or just put him in all the things… Teen movie - starring Idris Elba. Rom-Com - starring Idris Elba. Sci-fi-action flick - starring Idris Elba. High Fantasy film - starring Idris Elba. The next Disney Princess movie - starring Idris Elba. All the things!!!


Iggy’s got you covered!


Sounds like a questionable finding ripe for abuse & misuse among teachers, administrators, school counselors, cops, chutes, ladders, moggies, doggies, lollies, rat-kings & any other bully who fancies to be in a position of authority with axes to grind and money or status to be gained.


Wow. That’s too familiar.

I’m glad I grew up into a big burly guy who can kick peoples’ asses for that kind of shit.


There are worse words than yawn.


Heh, Heh, I hear you… I’m not burley and not short - not tall ‘5’'7 - but I’m good at TKOB . Something about your verbiage indicates that maybe you were smaller and bullied until you had your adolescent blossoming?

Just curios


Off-topic - why do they have a CGI dramatisation to report on video footage??


Perhaps enthusiastic overuse of inadequately validated psychometric instruments is, itself, a potential inadequately validated psychometric instrument just waiting for enthusiastic use?


The trouble is that most of the world’s more competent bullies exhibit sophisticated environmental adaptation(what I believe we used to call ‘the low cunning of the criminal type’ back in the good old days of phrenology); and are expert users of both violence against the weak and rules against violence against the strong. Even better, some responsible adults™, about whom I am in no way bitter, are so ignorant of how power dynamics work that they treat the attacker and the attackee as both being equally guilty of ‘fighting’, without regard for the cause or direction of violence flow in an encounter.


Ahhh… Okay. I’m not sure what that has to do with my virtual coffee pouring there… Maybe you’re replying to the original post, not me specifically?

I think sure it can be mis-used. However, the way things tend to work is that the kids on the top of the social heap almost always get a pass for bad behavior, pyschopaths or not. If they are popular, their parents are rich, and they are great at sports, it’s almost entirely likely the people they bully (if they bully them) will be blamed for anything bad.

Also, what was with the low budget animate at the end of the clip there… weird.