Funny GIF of Laura Ingraham realizing that she's Nazi saluting at the Republican National Convention

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It was probably just an ordinary subconscious tic.


I thought it was a Hunger Games thing.


It’s a shame that a perfectly intuitive natural gesture of friendship like reaching your arm out toward other people can’t be made any longer. Stupid Nazis have to ruin everything.

What is the “Sheriff’s Star” reference?

EDIT: Google taught me about the start tweet. You’d really think these fascists would understand their symbology better. Then again, they may just not understand that everyone can see what they’re doing. Or that not everyone thinks the way they do.


What gets me is that reflexive smile and posture adjustment when the thought hits her…imagine the madness of being wired/re-wiring yourself to do that when caught out doing something stupid.



Weirdly enough, my main (real) Tourette’s tic is kind of a reverse Strangelove. My left hand flicks up towards my left ear hard and fast enough to do damage if I don’t get my head out of the way in time.

Single flicks normally, but a rapid triple repeat of it if I’m startled.


Holy crap… What does it feel like when the hand does that “on its own”? Is it like… sneezing? In the sense you feel it building up and happening but can’t stop it? Or is it just a sudden unexpected occurrence?


Tangential question: How do we know what the “classic Roman” salute looked like? Is there an Ancient Roman army manual that includes instructions on how to do the salute properly?


I think we rather outright don’t know. Just like with the gladiatorial thumb gesture, the actual specifics of the salute are lost to time and their presently accepted form was basically invented by classical painters portraying supposed historical scenes - and subsequently aped by all following depictions until it became canon.


Damn it, Dan Brown!. We had a perfectly lovely word: “Symbolism” for what you were trying to say. And you… you supplanted it with something that’s just so damn ugly.


Symblage or symblishness are my preference.


I like “symbollogism” (as I think Inferno, specifically, would be a better book if reduced down to three lines).


“Symbology” is the study of symbols, right? I suppose it may not be the right word. Maybe just “symbols” would have been sufficient. “Simulacrum” also seems appropriate in another way.

She seems so high she probably had an apparition of the Führer by the end of her speech.


It varies a bit.

It’s a neurological issue, but there’s a definite psychological component; they get worse if I’m stressed, or startled, or self-conscious about being observed. And they move around; at the moment I’ve got the arm-flick, a tendency to jerk my chin to the right, an occasional tongue-cluck and a stutter (that one sucks; I’ve never stuttered before, and I’m a highly verbal sorta person).

Previously, I spent six months where my head would always be twisted down and to the left onto the palm of my hand (kind of a Rodin’s The Thinker pose, but left instead of right and on the palm instead of the back of the hand) unless I was making an active effort not to do it. My hand still tends to drift up to under my chin when I’m distracted.

The really sudden ones like the arm flick are kind of like a patellar reflex (knee-jerk, the classic doctor’s office one); no warning, no sense of volition, but nothing too freaky. It doesn’t feel like you’re a marionette or anything.

Most of the time, though…you know how when you’re going to bed, you try to get yourself into a comfortable position, but there’s always that one last semi-involuntary wriggle before you’re properly comfy?

It’s kinda like that, except that you never, ever get comfy.



That’s an amazing description!


Yup. Symbology and symbolism are definitely not synonymous. Indeed even symbolism and symbolysm aren’t.

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I used to have a tic where my head would jerk to the side. Happened for years.

It went away though.