Wonderful video of teen with Tourette's cooking an omelette


Man, that must suck. Especially when the Tourette’s makes several attempts to break the eggs, but she overcomes the impulses, only to have the Tourette’s do it once she lets her guard down…


Yeah. Is adult-onset Tourettes a thing? Asking for a friend…


The barber I used to frequent in Brooklyn has Tourettes, and is awesome at his job. He never let his tics affect his work. He’d just step back, let his body move, and get back to work. Perfect haircuts every time.


She’s Australian. Hence the igs.

Weird though, did not realize being from Oz was a medical condition.


Can someone post a direct link? My NoScript or some other tool is blocking the video and I’m having trouble figuring out which setting will bring it up.


Her laughs are infectious and when I began to feel really sad about her omelette experience, she would laugh and so would I. I was intrigued when she began to sing, chortling a little, as she relaxed and sang without any tics for a moment.


She is very much not Australian.

(Australians like to claim New Zealanders as ours all the time, but we don’t get to claim her, awesome though she is.)


Try adding the jwp*.com hosts: jwpcdn.com, jwplatform.com, jwplayer.com, jwpsrv.com.


My bad. She is from NZ which I gather is actually a incurable medical condition.


Thanks. Weirdly I don’t see an option to allow that domain on the noscript menu. Maybe some other script loads those assets? I ended up just opening the page in a safari private window


The director’s cut, and probably much more amenable to those with scriptblockers too.


Fuckin’ eggs, how do they work?


I am cursing a lot more lately…


That’s just ‘sign-o-the times’…


This gal has a great sense of humour - which is just as well as this condition must be bloody frustrating. Still she has a big following on no bleep youtube:


Still more impulse control than Donald Trump.


Officially no, as “onset during adolescence” is one of the diagnostic criteria for Tourette’s. However, assorted causes can bring on a Tourette’s-like disorder in adulthood.

Note that coprolalia is a feature of only a small minority of Tourette’s cases. It’s primarily a movement disorder.


In one of his books, Dr. Oliver Sacks describes a very successful surgeon who has Tourette’s. In surgery, all is perfection; no ticks or odd movements. Elsewhere, though…


Quoting myself from a previous time this came up:


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