You can build this world’s tiniest Game Boy Color clone

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The Mac-tini!

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If you want something tiny, cute and very capable, the best $60 I ever have spent was a flash cart for a Gameboy Micro. Got a micro for cheap because of a scratched up faceplate. $60 for the whole kit, including the gbm and new faceplate.

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Ouch, that makes my hands (and eyeballs) hurt just looking at it. I have a GBA SP that got a LOT of use in the past, but that form factor is not the kindest to those of us with big hands. One of the reasons why I moved my GBA gaming over to emulator on the PSP (the other reasons being the ability to save whenever, which is a huge boon since I just don’t have the same free time for gaming as I used to; and, of course, the availability of ROMS).

Cool build, though.


The New Mactini - The Peter Serafinowicz Show Christmas Special


It’s cool! But I just can’t see it.

But since i’m now officially “generation varifocals” this is probable not for me.

Happily, BoingBoing has thought of us too:

I have yet to find a pocket-sized illuminated magnifier that isn’t crap.

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