The Pocket Sprite's a game console that's small enough to fit on your keychain

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Saw a preview of this on the 8-bit Guy’s YT channel. It looks way too small to use (also, it looks like it cuts off a bit on the bottom).

[GIF of that guy doing the buildings for ants bit, but tailored appropriately as “is this a game boy for ants”? instead.]

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I can feel my eyes hurting already.


I can feel my fingers hurting already ^^’. The real deal, however, is I can emulate Game Boy/Color/Advance games AND have literally all of the games for each iteration of the handheld on my phone already. Works nicely with a Moga Pro, too.

The real, deal, however, is that this little bugger would be just about instant “street cred” with any tech geek you come across…

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