SEGA announces Game Gear Micro version of their classic 1990s handheld console

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“One inch screen”


I have an original Sega Game Gear that works and even the original screen was kinda eh.

I wonder if this new version will also have the bonus feature from the original of rendering AA batteries into useless lumps after a minimum of playtime.


When a retro gaming T-shirt isn’t a sufficient enough fashion accessory.

(I love some of the games for GG and SMS. It was a pretty neat platform in that it was an evolution of earlier related consoles)

preorder all four for a limited first-come first-served magnifier. (which can’t be super effective looking at its size.)

So I guess if you really want a magnifier you should preorder at all 3 etailers…


I quite liked my Game Boy Micro back in the day - but the screen was too small for lots of games. This screen is WAY smaller (1 inch diagonal instead of 2 inch, if I’m reading right) - and it only plays pre-loaded games (rather than having a cartridge or some way to load games on).

Instead of a weird novelty, they could have made a tiny system that I might get and actually play games on. But, well… Sega.



I must use my tiny phone to order this NOW!

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Betcha could do a fine RetroPie handheld for $60.

But can I use this version to foresee the future like the Game Gear in Surf Ninjas?

LOL omfg haven’t thought of those magnifiers in a long time!

Seriously though, I kind of want one of these Game Gear Micros. I mean, I used to play Game Gear, and I had Micro Machines, and thus inherently appreciate the inherent value of tiny things. Why would this child of the 80s not love it?

They will sell out.

A big enough Fresnel lens ought to do it.

I think I’ll try that with something with a small screen.

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I did not realize Rob Schneider was in it.

I mean, I get the trend toward retro micro console remakes, but this seems to be taking things a bit far. Outside of hardcore SEGA collectors, who is this really for?

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