You can buy Sonic Youth's old music gear and records


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Looks good as new.


Sounds like it too.


I don’t wanna…
I don’t think so.


Yeesh. Smashed Fernandes Vertigo, missing most of the neck, sold for $400.

No thanks. Knowing Thurston Moore once touched it doesn’t add that much value to it.


And like 75% of it is already sold.


I’m just going post a couple of songs from Kim Gordon and Lee Renaldo post Sonic Youth. I think they are both really good and maybe some people haven’t heard them yet.

I’m glad I got to see them one last time before they broke up. It was a bit surreal, they played a show at the Arch in St. Louis, the Mississippi River was directly behind the stage.


Wow, almost everything is already sold out…


I wonder how Lee Ranaldo got his guitar back THREE YEARS after it was stolen! I bet that’s a good story.


The internet IIRC. The descriptions were all over it. Email went viral.



Damn, what a story. Thanks for sharing this.


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