You could buy the remnants of Kurt Cobain's smashed guitar

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Or, you could buy an Aria Pro II for $60 at a garage sale and smash it your own self. Just sayin’


Aria Pro II CS Series. My first electric guitar :frowning:

To be honest, I totally understand why someone would want to smash it.


To be fair, I saw Cobain smash his guitar and give it to a kid in exchange for an optic orange hunting cap w/earflaps in Florida during the In Utero tour. I’m pretty sure he was handing out busted guitars like they were penny candy.


I’m still pissed at Cobain for simultaneously depleting the supply and driving up the demand (and price) for 70s Univox Mosrite-ripoffs. Those were very cool and surprisingly playable guitars and basses, and you used to be able to get them at pawn shops for $75, before that little hipster punk’s antics.

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Kurt also single-handedly drove up the price of all Fender offset guitars: Jag, Jazzmaster, even that ugly duckling Jagstang. You can also thank both Johnny Ramone and Ricky Wilson from the B52’s for driving up the actual Mostrite Venture’s price. Ricky bought his for 75$ at a thrift shop and didn’t even bother to replace the missing strings. Oh and don’t forget Sonic Youth who literally drove up the prices of all remaining crappy “vintage” guitars, specially when they got their truck stolen and literally had to buy every single used guitar in America to replace their lost instruments :wink:

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Ah, tell me.
How much did you pay for the chunk of his guitar,
The one he ruthlessly smashed at the end of the show?
And how much will he pay for a brand new guitar,
One which he’ll ruthlessly smash at the end of another show?
And how long will the workers keep building him new ones?
As long as their soda cans are red, white, and blue ones.

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art will eat itself

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